Building for the Future: Creating Faith-Building Community for Young Adults in the 21st Century Open Access

McCoy, Janet (Spring 2019)

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The focus of this Doctor of Ministry final project revolves around the creation of a young adult small group ministry to provide a supportive community within the local church for the continued faith development of young adults who have graduated from high school through those entering professional careers. This age group traditionally has had no faith-based learning or small group environment in the church. This project details the process of identifying the need for such a group and establishing the group while also noting the theoretical research regarding faith development for this age group, based on the initial study by the author of many writings from church leaders and academic theologians and developmental psychologists. Understanding how society has evolved through generations regarding Christianity in America helps us to understand the development of religious thought in America in the 21st century so that we can speak to young adults’ spiritual needs in ways with which they can identify. A small group environment provides a safe space for young adults to be in conversation with spiritual leaders while asking questions about the existence of God and the role of faith in their life. The ultimate goal is that they remain connected with a spiritual guide during this crucial phase of faith development so that they do not feel that graduating from high school means graduating from church. Whereas this project was created for a specific church, many of the findings may help others learn about the need for young adult ministries within the church and how to start them.


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