RNase III regulates actinomycin production in Streptomyces antibioticus Open Access

Lee, Jung-Hoon (2011)

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Streptomyces plays an important role in the production of antibiotics; almost two- thirds of all known natural antibiotics come from the secondary metabolites of Streptomyces. Using genetic modifications, production of these secondary metabolites can be manipulated. Previous studies have shown that the absB locus of Streptomyces coelicolor encodes RNase III, which regulates the production of antibiotics in S. coelicolor. The absB locus can also be found in Streptomyces antibioticus, which led to the hypothesis that RNase III regulates the production of antibiotics in S. antibioticus, just like in S. coelicolor. To test this hypothesis, the RNase III gene in the chromosome of S. antibioticus was disrupted through the use of disruption plasmids, which contained a truncated fragment of the RNase III gene. Once the RNase III gene was disrupted in the chromosome of S. antibioticus, the production of the antibiotic, actinomycin D, by the resulting mutants was measured. This study showed that actinomycin production by the RNase III gene disrupted mutants was significantly reduced. The result indicated that RNase III regulates the production of antibiotics in S. antibioticus, just like in S. coelicolor. This finding also supported the idea that RNase III globally regulates the production of antibiotics in Streptomyces in general

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