The Asia Pacific Transgender Health Handbook Open Access

Kang, Byung'chu Dredge (2016)

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Male-to-female transgender individuals are at particularly high risk for HIV. As transgender women are often a smaller constituency subsumed under the males who have sex with males funding category, programs and materials typically do not focus on their specific needs. Transgender women are also vulnerable to syndemic conditions based on their unique background: they experience high rates of discrimination in health care, depression and other mental health conditions, under-education, unemployment, sex work, drug use, violence, rape, and police brutality. Transgender women also engage in feminization practices including hormone use, silicone injection, and other body modifications and surgeries that may pose additional health risks.

In order to address the health needs of transgender women in the Asia Pacific region, a group of transgender sex workers from the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers came together and identified increased knowledge about HIV, STIs, and other health conditions as their most pressing issue. Their number one priority became the development of an easy to read handbook on health issues specifically tailored for transgender women in the Asia Pacific region. No such resource existed. The Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers developed this handbook with funding and support from the American Foundation for AIDS Research, the Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health, and 7 Sisters. Dredge Byung'chu Kang was hired to write and coordinate the development of the handbook, which was completed in 2010. A poster about the handbook and the process of its development was presented at the 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and Pacific (Kang, 2011).

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Page Contents

1......Chapter 1: Introduction

2......Problem and Rationale for the Project

4......Objectives and Significance

5......Chapter 2: Project Preparation and Design

8......Project Design: Transgender Health Handbook

11....Chapter 3: Conclusion



16....Appendix A: Reports by and in collaboration with Asia Pacific Transgender Network

17....Appendix B: Transgender Health Handbook

48....Appendix C: Transgender Health Handbook [Indonesian]

86....Appendix D: Poster Presentation

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