Examining the Relationship Between Exposure to Community Violence and ER Asthma Visit Rate in Metro Atlanta from 2015-2021 Público

McLaughlin, Haydn (Spring 2023)

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While community violence is widely studied for its impact on public health, the potential association between exposure to community violence and asthma prevalence has not been extensively explored. This study presents a secondary analysis of longitudinal data to investigate the relationship between exposure to community violence and emergency room (ER) asthma visit rates in Metro Atlanta from 2015 to 2021. We utilized data from the Atlanta Police Department on reported violent crime incidents and previously surveilled ER asthma visit rates from the Georgia Department of Public Health. Geospatial analysis techniques, specifically Moran's Local I, were employed to assess the spatial distribution of violent crime and ER asthma visit rates across counties.


Results from the secondary analysis revealed a moderate positive association between exposure to community violence and ER asthma visit rates in Metro Atlanta. The findings suggest that community violence may exacerbate asthma-related outcomes by contributing to chronic stress and adversely impacting access to healthcare and resources for asthma management. These results emphasize the importance of addressing community violence as a public health issue and implementing targeted interventions to reduce violence and improve asthma outcomes in affected communities.

Table of Contents

I.         Introduction                                                                                                        1

II.        Background                                                                                                         6

A.                   Research Question

B.                   Purpose of the Study

C.                   Burden of Asthma

D.                   Asthma and Exposure to Violence

III.       Review of the literature around the relationship

between exposure to community violence and asthma                            8

A.                   Methodology

B.                   Study Design

C.                   Location and Description of Population

D.                   Data Sources

E.                   Research Design

F.                   Procedures

G.                  Plans for Data Analysis

H.                  Ethical Considerations

I.                    Limitations

IV.       Results                                                                                                               12

V.        Discussion                                                                                                         14

VI.       Conclusions                                                                                                      16

VII.      Tables                                                                                                                17

VIII.     Graphs                                                                                                              26

IX.       Maps Pages                                                                                                       27

X.        References                                                                                                         30

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