Intensive Care Unit Acquired Weakness genes exist between non-survivors and survivors in patients with sepsis Open Access

Kobara, Seibi (Spring 2022)

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Sepsis is a potentially lethal condition, and intensive care unit (ICU) acquired weakness (ICUAW) is one of the complications of sepsis. Bioenergy failure is a plausible mechanism of organ failure and ICUAW, but the link between sepsis-related mortality and ICUAW remains unclear. Elucidating this biological link is crucial to the understanding of the pathophysiology of sepsis-related mortality. Using pre-identified ICUAW genes, a publicly available gene expression profile GSE54514 containing whole blood samples within 24 hours of sepsis onset was analyzed. Differential gene expression analysis identified 38 genes significantly different between 8 non-survivors and 13 survivors with primary bacteremia- and respiratory-triggered sepsis. Functional enrichment analysis of differentially expressed ICUAW genes identified impaired cadherin binding, sarcomere formation, and energy metabolism among non-survivors. Further, we interrogated ICUAW genes in patients with respiratory-triggered sepsis. In this population, a deficit in energy metabolism, cadherin binding, sarcomere formation, and granule secretion was observed. Our findings demonstrated an association between ICUAW genes and sepsis-related mortality in the early phase of sepsis. Finally, defects in energy metabolism and muscle fiber formation are likely resulting in septic patients who are non-survivors, especially in respiratory-triggered sepsis.

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