Utilizing Creative Arts for HIV Treatment and Prevention Among Black Queer Youth: A Scoping Review Público

Henry, Cody Shymar (Spring 2024)

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The purpose of the following thesis project is to describe current practices of integrating creative art-based interventions as a tool to address HIV treatment and prevention among Black Queer Young People (BQYP) around the globe. Despite advancements in prevention and treatment of HIV, BQYP around the world continue to experience disappointingly high rates of HIV diagnosis and risk of contracting HIV throughout their lifetimes. Utilizing scoping review methodology this review yielded six types of creative art practices implemented across the globe that specifically address HIV treatment and prevention among various social and demographic populations including communities living with and without HIV. The scoping review identified a broad range of art forms that were categorized into groups including theater, poetry, photography, performance, sculpture and visual arts, and music and radio. Theater and theater camp programs can specifically work to promote community dialogue and to reduce HIV and anti-LGBTQ+ stigma. Poetry can promote education and shared learning related to HIV awareness. Photography and specifically the practice of photovoice can help to address both internal and structural related stigma. Participating in performance including Ballroom culture can improve self-expression and promote community dialogue related to HIV health messaging at the community level. The use of sculpture and visual arts allowed for participants to engage in community dialogue regarding HIV and helped to reduce individual and group stigmas related to HIV among women in Uganda. Music and Radio seem to be an acceptable and feasible tool within the HIV prevention and care continuum. Ultimately these art forms can be a specific and targeted approach to addressing high rates of HIV, reducing stigma related to HIV and anti-LQBTQ+, and promoting Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) uptake and awareness among BQYP.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. INTRODUCTION pg. 1

Chapter 2. LITERATURE REVIEW pg. 5

Youth Health and HIV pg. 5

Black Communities and HIV pg. 8

HIV Treatment & Prevention: A Global Perspective pg. 8

Creative arts-based interventions in Health and Healing pg. 12

Creative Art as Therapy pg. 13

Arts Education and Creative Youth Development pg. 14

Chapter 3. METHODS pg. 15

Identifying the research question pg. 16

Identifying relevant studies pg. 16 

Study selection pg. 17

Data Sources pg. 17

Charting the data pg. 17

Collecting summarizing and reporting results pg. 18

Chapter 4. RESULTS pg. 18

Scoping review search and initial screening pg. 18

Description of papers included pg. 19

Photovoice pg. 19

Theater pg. 23

Performance pg. 26

Poetry pg. 29

Music and radio pg. 31

Sculpture and visual art pg. 33


Limitations pg. 42

Recommendations pg. 43

Public Health Implications pg. 44

References pg.45

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