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Schwartz, Scott Tyler (2011)

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Foucault Steps Out to the Ballpark
By Scott Schwartz
This is a study of applied philosophy. In it, I use Michel Foucault's methods of historical
analysis, which he calls archaeology and genealogy, to rediscover the history of Major
League Baseball. This Foucauldian history will allow me to dive deeper than would a
standard history of ideas, and from a submerged structural level, let me reveal new truths
about the game and its storied history. Hopefully, then, armed with new knowledge from
a new vantage point, I can offer a statement about the status of baseball's current game.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Chapter 1- Opening Foucault's Toolbox----------------------------------------------------------3
Archaeological History---------------------------------------------------------------------3
The Counterpart to Archaeology: Genealogy------------------------------------------11
The Fusion of the Two Histories--------------------------------------------------------13
Deriving Power-Knowledge--------------------------------------------------------------20

Chapter 2- A Foucauldian Analysis of Major League Baseball------------------------------23
The Thinking Man's Game---------------------------------------------------------------25
The Spectacle of the Scaffold: Baseball in the Modern Episteme------------------32
The Limits of the Modern Episteme: Baseball Enters the Post-Modern-----------38

Chapter 3- Where Baseball Deviates-------------------------------------------------------------46
Baseball versus the Post-Modern--------------------------------------------------------47
The Person or the Player------------------------------------------------------------------52


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