The Camouflage Collar: An Exploratory Study of Crime among theMilitary Público

Bucher, Jacob William (2009)

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The purpose of this research is to identify the nature and extent of crime committed by military personnel, as well as to critically explore possible causes for criminal behavior among this population. The military provides a unique social environment given the organization and culture of the institution. Criminal behavior of those inside this institution has recently received much media attention, yet has not received much academic attention. Prior research focuses on military-specific crimes and/or the military experiences of current offenders. This dissertation focuses on general crimes as well as the offending experiences of current military personnel. Through in-depth interviews, a sample of military personnel was examined. Participants in this research report substance use, steroid use, minor theft, and some violence. This research supports and suggests extensions in strain, control, and social learning theories.

Table of Contents

Introduction 12 Chapter One - Current Data on Crime Committed by Army Personnel 17 Data Source and Type 17 Data Results 18 Drug Offense Data 23 Data Conclusions 24

Chapter Two - Discussion of Criminological Theories 26 Social Learning and Subculture 26 Theory 26 Military 28 Measures 33 Strain 36 Theory 36 Military 38 Measures 44 Social and Self Control 46 Theory 46 Military 48 Measures 52 Chapter Summary 54 Chapter Three - Methodology 56 Credibility 57 Transferability 58 Role of the Researcher 58 Ethical Considerations 59 Sample 60 Demographic Data 62 Military Data 65 Offending Data 68

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