"A New and Broader View": Blood Meridian as the Herald of a New Morality 公开

Rozen, Melinh (2011)

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"A New and Broader View": Blood Meridian as the Herald of a New Morality
By Melinh Rozen

Does Blood Meridian have more profound moral implications beyond historical revisionism? If so, how are readers supposed to reconcile such a moral function in the novel with its excessive and ever-present violence? These questions fueled my study of the novel and ultimately led me to explore both the historical background of the novel as well as some of its possible ideological forerunners. In addition to analyzing the function of the violence and historical accuracy of the novel, this paper explores the numerous connections and correlations between McCarthy's novel and many of Friedrich Nietzsche's key philosophies, namely the will to power, the master-slave morality, and the Ubermensch. By placing the novel in its Nietzschean context, specifically addressing The Judge as the embodiment of Nietzsche's Ubermensch, I hope to demonstrate how McCarthy's novel is in essence a re-imagining and re-affirming of Nietzsche's ideas in a historical rather than hypothetical context.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
1. Introduction...1

2. Summary of Nietzsche's Relevant Philosophies...3

3. Historical Background of Blood Meridian...14

4. Assessing the Violence of Blood Meridian...22

5. Exploring The Judge's Nietzschean Perspective...28

6. Comparing the Language of Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Blood Meridian...34

7. Reading The Judge as Ubermensch...39

8. Conclusion...45

9. Works Cited...51

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