Socioeconomic Status and College Extracurricular Involvement Open Access

Feinstein, Sara (Spring 2020)

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Many elite colleges have publicly committed to increase the socioeconomic diversity of their student bodies. Yet despite recent efforts to support and increase diversity on campus, places at elite colleges are still predominantly filled by students with high socioeconomic status backgrounds. Sociologists have recently begun investigating the experiences that students have while in college. Sociologists have shown that students’ college experiences may differ on the basis of socioeconomic status. I aim to further this research trend by investigating how student socioeconomic status shapes extracurricular involvement at an elite university. I conducted 20 in-depth, qualitative interviews with Emory University students in their 3rd or 4th year of their undergraduate degree program. I asked participants about their socioeconomic backgrounds and their extracurricular experiences at Emory. I find several themes and patterns, reflecting the continued importance of differences in socioeconomic status for extracurricular involvement at an elite college.

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