Wait your turn! Black-Brown conflict and political action against Latinos Open Access

Brown, Jacob Robert (2012)

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Wait your turn! Black-Brown conflict and political action against Latinos
The increasing presence of Latinos in the Sun Belt region of the United States raises questions
on how these new residents will fit into the political framework of the region. Scholarly
research suggests that new racial groups are often met with concern and hostility, as they are
viewed as threatening political and economic competition. This study examines the political
responses to the increasing presence of Latinos in the Sun Belt. Specifical y, it analyzes whether
group threat theory in the context of Black-Brown relations can be applied to explain political
action against Latinos at the county level. This article tests the hypothesis that the increasing
presence of Latinos wil heighten perceptions of group threat among Blacks, so therefore there
will be a greater likelihood of the proposal of anti-immigrant ordinances in counties with
competing Black and Latino populations. The presence of anti-immigrant ordinances is tested
against population and economic variables in order to comprehensively examine group threat's
effect in this specific racial context. The results provide evidence that counties with sizable
Black and Latino populations are more likely to consider anti-immigrant ordinances. Other
results are inconclusive but provide a jumping off point for a larger discussion of group conflict
and the political responses to Latinos in the United States.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

The Politics of Group Competition: A review of the literature 6

Hypotheses 11

Data and Methods 15

Results 26

Discussion 31

Conclusion 43

References 45

Appendix 52

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