Creating a Liturgy of Life: Cultivating Thriving Elders Open Access

Furr-Vancini, Lauren (Spring 2019)

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The project was to create a class as a way to practice cultivating thriving elders in a large, protestant church. The class was built and led around Jesus’ desire for all people to live lives of abundance in a way that glorifies God all their days. Considering traditional elements of worship, the class employed storytelling, story companioning, sharing music, and writing liturgy as ways to consider and articulate participant’s life as worship and to strengthen their practice of corporate worship.


In the process of creating the class and the project, categories of elders were named, each with corresponding markers: Thriving Elders, Hidden Elders, Self-Serving Elders, and Embittered Elders. These fluid and permeable categories call for further consideration as the church seeks to cultivate and serve elders in the context of the church and the wider community.

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