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Wolpe, Ariel Root (2012)

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Spirit Sounds

In an ever-changing culture, we find music especially rewarding, for music is among the most tenacious cultural elements. Part of every religious tradition, music transcends elements that divide people of faith, instigating alternative religious reflection by introducing a common field of experience. My thesis contends that the recently developed genre of inter-religious music offers an effective form of inter-religious collaboration when it engages the currently definitive categories of Community Reformation, Dialogue, and Religiosity. My Thesis analyzes my senior project Spirit Sounds: A Collaboration of Inter-Faithful Musicians through a multi-disciplinary approach of religion, theology, ethnomusicology, music composition and creative writing. Through collaborative song creation and performance, Spirit Sounds professionally produced a 12 track CD with artists of various musical, religious, cultural and educational backgrounds, and also includes a documentary of the CD's production with words from all participating artists and synapses of musical pieces, and a CD release benefit concert to raise funds for an Atlanta music program for refugee youth. Inter-religious music pioneers a path for the American seeking reflective, inclusive, and empathetic ways to engage diversity, all in the hopes that beautiful sound can also improve our world.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Introduction and Methodology 1
Personal Disclosure 10
Chapter I: A History of Inter-Religious Music 13
Inter-Religious Exchange Through Music 14
Religious Developments in the United States 18
The Inter-Religious Pursuit in a Pluralist America 21
Community Reformation, Dialogue, and Religiosity in Inter-Religious Music 27
Community Reformation: Service and Event Networks 30
Music as Dialogue: Crafting Meaning, Safe Space, Empathy and Individual Identity 33
Religiosity: Experiencing the Transcendent Through Music 40
Chapter II: Inter-Religious Music of Emory University 46
Space and Music: From Christian to Non-Sectarian 48
Growing Diversity and Inter-Religious Commitment 50
Sacred Artistry: Inter-Religious Performance Art and Music 54
Chapter III: Spirit Sounds Production 64
Community Reformation: Refugee Youth Music 68
Dialogue: Creating Meaningful Music 69
Musical Religiosity: Internal Motivations 77
Reflections 87
Chapter IV: Conclusion 89
Work Cited 92
Multi Media Sources 104

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