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Sporn, David Benjamin (2012)

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In a world defined by a Zen Koan, an impulsive southern wanna-be country singer, her professorial grandfather; a martial artist and his sifu; a young Jewish writer contemplating life as a Zen Buddhist acolyte, the sharp bright-eyed boy he used to be; and an oddly loquacious mannequin named "McTavish," search for love and fulfillment.

My mother tells me that when I was really young I had no interest in film or television. I wouldn't sit down and watch like the other kids. This I don't remember. The first exposure to film that I remember is watching an old VHS tape of a mediocre superhero cartoon called "Solar Man" over and over. My first memory of going to the movies was going to see Beauty and the Beast. A couple of years passed and all I wanted to do was watch movies. I would spend hours walking the aisles of our local Blockbuster. I particularly liked eighties action movies, I would devour anything with Schwarzenegger or Stallone. James Cameron, Mario Kasser, John McTiernan were like gods to me; so were any of those names that flashed across the screen before the explosions commenced.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents -2

Acknowledgements -3

Introduction - 4

I have to make a movie -11

Abandoning Ideas -12

A Cohesive World- 13

Why a Mannequin? -16

Chinatown, NYC -17

Principal Photography / Post Production -18

Conclusion -20

Script - 23

Charlie's Memory - 56

Call Sheet - 63

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