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Walker, April Sojourner Truth (2011)

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To a Dark David
By April S.T. Walker

This collection incorporates a wide range of poetic influences in an attempt to ascribe
aesthetic value to a part of history that is often deemed as unimportant or undesirable. While
many older historians neglected to include stories that did not uphold a glorified portrayal of the
South, contemporary historians have been concerned with reviving these forgotten histories -
placing them alongside more traditional accounts, in order to present a fresh and more complete
historical narrative. Like these current historians, I too am dedicated to giving a voice to those
stories that may never get recorded in the limited space, and politically designed pages of a
textbook. Whereas they do so through prose, I have chosen the vessel of poetry. The poems in
this collection provide a lens through which to enter African American history - cautioning
readers who think they've heard the story before to think again. These poems are designed to
subvert the myths that have so often become our historical beliefs - grappling with the many
intricacies of history, while at the same time maintaining poetry's aesthetic quality of beautiful,
thought provoking language.

Table of Contents


Cowry Shell 1

Photo of a Boy Perched 3

Solstice 4

Triptych 5

Her Color 6

To a Dark David 7

Documentation 9

Birthright 10

Archaeology 11

Elegy for the Housing Projects 12

Iniquities 13

Her Man 14

Conoco, 1999 15

Battles 16

Fireflies 17

My Grandmother's Photos 18

Study 19

The Peabody Duckmaster, Memphis, TN, 1940 20

Sacrifices 21

Confederate Ghosts 22

Notes 23

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