Communicator Style and Technology Preferences: A New Examination of Fit, Adoption, Social Diffusion and Dimensionality Open Access

Streator, Joycelyn Lovette Ward (2010)

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Communicator Style and Technology Preferences: A New Examination of Fit, Adoption,
Social Diffusion and Dimensionality
By Joycelyn L. Streator
Effective collaboration is becoming increasingly critical as knowledge workers are more
distributed and rely heavily on various modes of communication (i.e. voice, e-mail,
instant messaging, social networking) to successfully accomplish tasks. Just as
individuals have unique styles for communicating face-to-face; my research explores the
relationship between individual communication styles and information and
communication technologies (ICTs). In addition, I investigate the influence of ICTs on
the diffusion of communication norms within organizations. The results of my research
contribute to Media Selection Theory and will help knowledge workers better optimize
the use of communications technologies.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Tables 10

Overview 1

Literature Review 9

Early Approaches: Media Richness and Context 9

Media Capabilities 11

Appropriation Factors 11

Individual Factors: Communication Traits 12

Structuration and Communication Norms 14

Chapter 1 Individual Communication Traits and Media Repertoires 16

Relevant Theory 18

Overview of Media Theory 18

Communication Theory 22

Hypotheses 24

Methodology 28

Results and Discussion 30

Discussion 34

Chapter 2: Communication Repertoires and the Spread of Norms 36

Introduction 36

Relevant Theory 39

Adaptive Structuration and Norms 39

ICTs and Communication Patterns 41

Approach 44

Hypotheses 50

Research Method 52

Results 52


Chapter 3: Preferences for Communication Media Capabilities 70

Introduction 70

Media Theory 70

Media Capabilities 72

Privacy and Disclosure 73

Discretion in Communication 75

Hypotheses 77

Research Method 78

Results 82

Discussion 85

Conclusions 87

References 92

Appendix A: Survey Instrument 102

Appendix B: Factors and Items 110

Appendix C: Simulation Code 113

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