The Impact of Rotavirus Vaccine Introduction: An Exploratory Analysis of Case Statistics in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Senegal Open Access

Kraniak, Ty R. (Spring 2019)

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Among diarrheal diseases, rotavirus exhibits a large burden of disease despite the usage and endorsement of safe and effective vaccines. The impact of rotavirus vaccine introduction and usage has been documented by various sources. This paper seeks to demonstrate the various effects of rotavirus vaccine introduction in Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Senegal by examining reported case statistics prior to vaccine introduction, during the year of vaccine introduction, and in the year following vaccine introduction. Vaccine effects such as protection for unvaccinated individuals in populations that have introduced rotavirus vaccine are demonstrated by a 59% case reduction (compared to pre-introduction averages) among unvaccinated 0-1 month olds in the three aforementioned countries combined. Additionally, a simple linear regression model found that on average case ages increased by 12.6 and 12.9 weeks in Kenya and Zimbabwe (respectively) when comparing ages of cases in the three years prior to vaccine introduction to case ages in the year following vaccine introduction. However, in Senegal, cases became 8.1 weeks younger on average in the year following vaccine introduction. These results are largely consistent with previous studies, and despite their limitations, can assist in immunization planning activities. 

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Introduction                                                                                                              1


Methods                                                                                                                     5

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Discussion                                                                                                                 14

Conclusion                                                                                                                18

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