Trends in Motor Vehicle Crashes: Wind River Indian Reservation 1994-2009 Público

Kenney, Anne Frances (2011)

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Introduction: Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of unintentional injury death for American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) age 1-44 in the United States, with Wyoming being the state with the highest motor vehicle-related death rate among AI/AN between 2003-2007 (1). No specific data exists on crashes occurring within Wyoming's Wind River Indian Reservation boundaries. The overall objective of this study is to describe characteristics of motor vehicle crashes occurring on Wind River Indian Reservation.

Methods: We analyzed data from the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WDOT) using SAS 9.2 and ARCGIS to describe characteristics of motor vehicle crashes occurring within Wind River Indian Reservation boundaries.

Results: Between the years of 1994-2009 WDOT reported 4,848 motor vehicle crashes involving 11,696 individuals within the Wind River Indian Reservation boundaries. Similar numbers of males and females were involved, with 40.8% all crashes occurring with drivers less than age 26. The annual number of motor vehicle crashes did not vary significantly by year. 75.3% of crashes occurred during daylight, with 71.0% on dry roads. Individuals not wearing seatbelts exhibit a higher fatality risk (OR= 10.0, 95% CI= 3.8- 26.481)

Conclusion: Better driver education for youth and consistent use of seatbelts, may lead to fewer motor vehicle crashes resulting in injury and fatality on Wind River Indian Reservation.

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Table of Contents
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