Role of Cosmc and Tn Antigen in T Cell Biology and the O-Glycoproteome Restricted; Files & ToC

Cutler, Christopher (Summer 2019)

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T lymphocytes are indispensable to the adaptive immune system and proper execution of their role requires appropriate glycosylation. Despite evidence that O-glycosylation of serine and threonine residues in glycoproteins is dynamically and temporally regulated during T cell maturation and activation, little is known about how specifically O‑glycosylation impacts T cells or even which proteins on T cells are modified with O‑glycans. Here, I present my findings that extended O‑glycans beyond the Tn antigen are important for T cell homing to secondary lymph organs and survival in the periphery. These findings underscore the importance of O‑glycosylation in regulating T cell biology and emphasize the need for ongoing attention to glycosylation in studies of T cell development and function. Additionally, I present a method for sensitive identification of Tn-expressing glycosylated O‑glycoproteins, providing proof of concept for future targeted proteomics to identify proteins with O‑glycans, which will allow for the exploration of the physiological effects of glycosylation.

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