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Surbey, Nicholas Paul (2010)

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Infinite Country: A Frontier Play

By: Nicholas Surbey


Infinite Country is a full-length stage play that deals with issues of story telling and the making of American heroes and mythology. Set in 1863, the year of The Battle of Gettysburg, in a small frontier town in the Western Territories, the play follows Jim and his youthful, romantic stories about Imogen, the mysterious daughter of a con-man. Through the course of play, Jim, along with his friend Kip, discover that Imogen's father, Mr. Grant, is duping the townsfolk of their money. When Jim forces Kip to put a stop to the con, Kip must choose to play the part of the hero or let Mr. Grant's evil plot prevail to save his own skin. Traditional portraits of the Old West are examined and turned on their heads in a play about the fabrication of heroes and martyrs.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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