I don't find myself somewhere I don't remember going Open Access

Franklin, Emily Angela (2015)

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The start of a collection of short stories, I entitled my project, "I don't find myself somewhere I don't remember going," after the first story in the collection because the double negative seemed to me somewhat disorienting--You have to think for a moment to understand its meaning--And, even then, the sentence has the opposite of its intended meaning until you read it in the character's mouth, within the context of the story. In other words, you need the sentence's context to know its true meaning. The disorientation you feel when you read it without its context reflects the disorientation of the character with Alzheimer's disease who says it when she begins to lose her memory. The theme of this collection is the brain and all the disorientations, hallucinations, and mental disorders that can affect it. But, each of these stories is really about the people and their relationships with each other and different parts of themselves. I wanted to explore the mental environments we create and how they change the physical world we share.

Table of Contents

1.I don't find myself somewhere I don't remember going 1-11

2.She had a lot of rumors 12-29

3.Fables 30-34

4.Everyone knows who they don't love 35-39

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