Augustanization of Sacred Space: The Sanctuary of Apollo in Pompeii Open Access

Ledford, Daniel Lynn (2013)

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This thesis argues for an Augustanization of the Sanctuary of Apollo in Pompeii during the Augustan Age (27 BCE-14 CE), in which epigraphic, literary, and archaeological evidence suggest this transformation. By surveying spatial theory in the academic study of religion and specifically in Roman religion, the Sanctuary and Temple of Apollo in Pompeii are placed within a socio-political context of the Augustan Age when the auctoritas of art and architecture reflected Augustan values and divine associations. Through a comprehensive study of the site, local Apollo types, and a mapping of depictions of Apollo in the urban landscape of Pompeii, the refashioning of the sanctuary during the Augustan Age is argued via the comparanda (Augustanisms) of the Augustan Age building program in Pompeii.

Table of Contents

Introduction (1)

Methodology and Method (3)

The 'Sacred' and Spatial Theory (3)

Archaeology, Religion, and Ritual (16)

Space and the Sacred in Ancient Roman Religion (21)

Methodology and Method (33)

A Survey of Scholarship: Pompeii and the Sanctuary of Apollo (36)

Finding (36)

Interpreting (39)

Reinterpreting (42)

Synthesizing (45)

The Sanctuary of Apollo in Pompeii: A Comprehensive Study (47)

A Brief History (47)

Chronology of Data (49)

Topographical Analysis: Sanctuary of Apollo Pompeianos in the Augustan Age (67)

Local Apollo Types (68)

Apollo in the Landscape (73)

The Augustanization of Apolline Sacred Spaces (75)

Augustanization of Apollo (75)

Augustanization of Rome (85)

Augustanisms in Pompeii (92)

Conclusion (104)

Plates and Figures (105)

Plate I, Apollo in the Landscape Map of Pompeii

Plate II, Table of Apollo depictions in Pompeii

Figure 1, Plan of the Sanctuary of Apollo in Pompeii, South

Figure 2, Plan of the Sanctuary of Apollo in Pompeii, East

Figure 3, Sanctuary of Apollo in Pompeii

Figure 4, Reconstructed eastern colonnade

Figure 5, Corinthian capital

Figure 6, Column and Sundial

Figure 7, Bronze statue of Apollo as archer

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