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Ladov, Lauren Eve (2012)

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Acknowledging Difference: Looking at Film, Looking at Food Acknowledging difference is a matter of perceiving distinctions-distinctions that often go unsaid, are overlooked, or are simply ignored. This mixed media project of stop-motion animation with a self- reflexive paper accompaniment calls attention to the inherent differences in the products of both film and food, focusing on the perception of the Handmade product. Stop-motion film form alienates the viewer from the "normal" looking structure, inviting the perceiver to actively partake in the digestion of visual information. My food images too are alienating as I restrain from the usual illustration; food is depicted as neither beautiful nor grotesque, my purpose being that the viewer looks at the food objectively. The accompanying paper revolves around the senses of touch and feeling. Stop-motion animation, and Handmade film form in general, reinstate the touch of the flesh hand back into the visual information of the mechanical language of Cinema. It demands an acknowledgement of the filmmaker, both in body and mind. The intent of the visuals, the time of the work, and the energy of the labor, are all very present factors in the film text. Whereas with the mechanical fluidity of Industrialized film form, it very much obscures not only the filmmaker's presence, but the distance between the world of the film object and the world of the perceiver. As an embodied perceiver, the viewer is then positioned in a passive-looking structure within the Cinematic space of industrialized film, unaware of the differences in tempo-spatiality and body forms. It is my intention to explore the different kind of looking structure positioned by the Handmade product and how a certain pleasure from a genuine figured-out knowledge surfaces from such a structure and form.

Table of Contents

An Introduction

1 Sensing Essence

3 The Different Bodies of Cinema; Ghosts and The Living Dead

7 "Handmade" Differences 11 Asserting the Difference; Stop-motion Animation 17 Digesting Difference 22 Honest Product 25 Unhomely Food 27 My Work and Me 30 A Conclusion 37 Works Cited 39

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