A Study of Risk Factors, Protective Factors, and Resilience among College Students 公开

Ahn, Elizabeth Soyeon (2011)

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A Study of Risk Factors, Protective Factors, and Resilience among College Students
By Elizabeth Soyeon Ahn
The effects of various risk and protective factors were studied using the 2007 Healthy
Minds survey on a sample of 5,689 undergraduate and graduate students in colleges and
universities. The effects of the risk and protective factors were further combined to study
resilience. Analysis has confirmed that risk factors, such as racial discrimination, non-
heterosexuality, academic competitiveness, and financial difficulties, are positively correlated
with a negative outcome, such as a diagnosis of depression and anxiety. The study also
confirmed that protective factors, such as religiosity, social supports from family and friends, and
positive mental health, are negatively correlated with the diagnosis of mental illness. Finally,
these protective factors also help the college students to be resilient despite the exposure to high
levels of the risk factors.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 Literature Review
12 Methods
14 Hypothesis
15 Results
22 Discussions/Conclusion
25 Appendix
91 References

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