Vicente Ferrer and the Kings' Jews: Reassessing the Modern Image of a Medieval Dominican Open Access

Hatch, Michael Sean (2011)

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In recent years, the historiography of the persecution of late-medieval Iberian Jewry has shifted
towards an emphasis on local economic, social, and political pressures, rather than a teleological
understanding of persecution as a constant. However, Vicente Ferrer, a preacher from Valencia,
is singled out as one of the principal figures in the persecution of Jews across Iberia, and this
image ignores the influence that communal pressures had on the Jewish experience. Historians
emphasize too much the impact of Ferrer's preaching, and this investigation aims, with an
emphasis on sermons delivered in Castile from 1411-12, to more accurately interpret Ferrer's
impact on Iberian Jewish communities.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
1. Introduction

8. Historiographical Background

15. Historical Milieu

20. Sermons and Interpretation

41. Conclusion

48. Appendix A

49. Primary Sources

50. Bibliography

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