Shura/Discussion: How The American News Media Reports on Islam and Its Impacts on Muslim Americans in the United States 公开

Cavner, Maral Genevieve (2013)

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The world is becoming an increasingly globalized place, where interaction with individuals who are different from ourselves is both crucial and, frankly, unavoidable. Given the extreme influence that the media has in shaping individuals' perspectives, it is important to recognize how non-Western cultures are reported about in the American news media. Of all of the non-Western cultures portrayed in American media today, none receive more negative attention and stereotyping in reporting than the Middle Eastern culture, particularly those who identify with the Islamic faith. It is for this reason that I decided to analyze the American news media's portrayal of Islam and Muslim individuals and how Muslims feel this impacts their life experiences living in the United States. Throughout the course of my research I interviewed undergraduate Muslim students, imams at local mosques, and media informants in order to gain a human perspective on the effects of the American news media's portrayal of Islam. From my research, I concluded that Muslim-Americans believe that their lives are negatively impacted by their characterization within the American news media in terms of the ways that non-Muslim individuals regard them.

Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Chapter 2: Methods

Chapter 3: An Example of A Misconception - A Comparison Between Holy Books, the Qur'an and the Bible, and Their Portrayals of the Roles of Women

Chapter 4: The Political Economy of the Media and Its Implications for Professional Journalism

Chapter 5: Data Gained From Interviews

Chapter 6: Analysis of Interview Data

Chapter 7: Conclusion


Tables and Figures

Figure #1: Percentages of Americans Who Say Islam Encourages Violence

Figure #2: Business Ownership Among the Big Five

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