The Church's Responsibility to the Children of the Incarcerated: Ministry to the Fatherless and Motherless Open Access

Lawson, Martin (Spring 2021)

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This paper discusses the church’s responsibility to the families of the incarcerated and ways to improve efforts to support children of incarcerated men and women. The goal of this project is to interrupt cycles of family disfunction caused by incarceration, transform unjust systems that encourage disproportionate rates of incarceration in certain populations, and support families affected by these policies. Through the examination of current methods of ministering to the incarcerated and their families and a comprehensive study of the relationship between the church and incarcerated individuals and their families, I challenge traditional methods of ministry to the incarcerated to ascertain those methods that are no longer effective and then work with prison ministries to create new models that are more in line with a Christ centered model of ministry that promotes criminal justice reform, welcomes the incarcerated and their families, supports rehabilitation efforts, and empowers families with the tools necessary to overcome the burden of incarceration and the challenges that imprisonment poses to the family unit.


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