Site-Selective and Enantioselective C-H Functionalization of Unactivated C–H Bonds in the Presence of Nitrogen Functionality Restricted; Files & ToC

Cai, Qinyan (Spring 2022)

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The rhodium-catalyzed C-H functionalization of unactivated C-H bonds by means of donor/acceptor carbene-induced C-H functionalization was extended to substrates containing nitrogen functionality. The optimum nitrogen protecting group was the phthalimido group and aryldiazoacetates were used as the precursors to the donor/acceptor carbenes. By using Rh2(S-2-Cl-5-BrTPCP)4 as catalyst, selective C-H functionalization occurred at the most sterically accessible methylene site, whereas the desymmetrization of cyclopentylamine and cyclohexylamine derivatives was possible when Rh2(S-TPPTTL)4 was used as a catalyst.

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