Poetic Philosophy Through Concrescence and Ingenium: Whitehead and Cicero Open Access

Herren, Jarred Seth (2011)

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Poetic Philosophy Through Concrescence and Ingenium: Whitehead and Cicero

By Jarred Seth Herren
This thesis details what it means to be poetic philosophy in reference to Whitehead's Process and
Reality scheme as illuminated by Cicero's De Oratore. The first chapter outlines the basic
elements of Whitehead's metaphysics. The second chapter details Whitehead's notion of
concrescence and discovers the poetic elements within. The third chapter discusses Cicero's De
Oratore, and its unique format as relative to Whitehead. The conclusion to the work harmonizes
Whitehead and Cicero as poetic works through Vico's verum-factum principle.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents Introduction 1

Chapter I - An Introduction to Whitehead's Metaphysics 6

Section I - The Speculative Scheme 6

Section II - The Categoreal Scheme 10

Section III - Preliminary Poetics 20

Chapter II - The Process of Concrescence 22

Section I - Theory of Feeling 22

Section II - Primary Feeling 26

Section III - Hybrid Physical Feeling and Conceptual Reversion 31

Section IV - Transmutation 34

Section V - Propositional Feeling 35

Section VI - Comparative Feeling 39

Section VII - Concrescence as Poetic 46

Chapter III - From Whitehead to Cicero 50

Section I - Structure of the Complete Speech 51

Section II - Inventio 54

Section III - Memoria before Elocutio 59

Section IV - Ars, Ingenium, et Memoria 61

Section V - Ingenious Memory as Poetic 63

Conclusion 66 Bibliography 71

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