Public Health Information Systems Architecture and Implementation Open Access

Rivera, Cara (Fall 2017)

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This thesis document demonstrates the skill and knowledge that has been acquired during my Executive Master's of Public Health program. The written document will provide an overview of three key deliverables that summarize my main areas of development:


Public Health Systems Architecture


System Development and Implementation


Business and Program Management in Public Health


Program evaluation


As a budding informatician, the aforementioned areas of development are invaluable. The public health informatics deliverables detailed in this document provide an example of the variety that can be found in the work of a public health informatician. The ability to incorporate emerging technologies, conduct strategic planning, and appropriately evaluate public health systems and programs will play an important role in leading public health organizations through changes over time. The projects described in this document allowed me to explore and demonstrate how emerging technologies can be adapted to a public health informatics architecture.




Table of Contents


. 21


World's Ear Application and Registry

Problem Statement

Project Detatils

National Chronic Kidney Disease Registry

Problem Statement

Project Details

Registry Development Discussion

How to Train Your Dragon- Clinical Informatics Training Development

Problem Statement

Project Details

Clinical Informatics Training Development Discussion

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