Control to Abandonment: Four Solos Exploring Dynamic Range and Character Open Access

Pados, Kaitlyn Barbara (2010)

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Control to Abandonment: Four Solos Exploring Dynamic Range and Character
By Kaitlyn B. Pados

In today's melting pot of modern dance, it is necessary for performers to be versatile in order to adjust to eclectic choreographic demands. A dancer cannot simply be an athletic mover, a graceful performer, or a technical expert. To hone my own movement adaptability as a dancer and as a performer, I approached this idea of versatility via dynamics. In a series of four solo works, I investigated the role of dynamics in performance by exploring extreme ranges of movement qualities, while also focusing on the subtleties that are responsible for governing interpretation. "Maya," my first solo, featured quick, direct movements, never remaining on the same idea for long. "Solo for Pop Music #2" presented resilient and bound qualities, while "Solo for Pop Music #3" displayed bound moments interspersed with relaxed sustainment. Finally, I offered my understanding of dynamics in my own choreographic work, "Swallowed," featuring a more drastic spectrum of control to abandon. Through delving into each of these works, four separate character types emerged from the solos above, respectively: the tireless achiever, the nearly defeated, the outraged, and the suppressor.

Following the rehearsal process, my research culminated in a final performance, "A Question of Character," to directly compare these four works in the same evening. The challenge for me as a performer was to change between such varying qualities and reenter each work with a different character during the same concert. This performance revealed the ultimate goal of my research, discovering the ways in which I can be the versatile mover of today rather than a pre-labeled dancer from years past.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

I. Embarking 1

II. Acquiring 5

III. Deepening 12

IV. Emerging 26

V. Performing 32

VI. Reflecting 42

Appendix A: Performance Photographs 52

Appendix B: Promotional Flyer 56

Appendix C: Self-Rehearsal Process 57

Appendix D: Concert Program 58

Appendix E: Audience Feedback Form 64

Appendix F: Arts at Emory - Spotlight Article 65

Appendix G: The Emory Wheel Review 67

Appendix H: Application for SIRE Research Grant 69

References: Print Sources 72

References: Non-Print Sources 73

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