Messianic Politics: Handle with Care -A Critical Consideration of Messianic Politics in Liberal Democracy- Open Access

Park, Sanghyun (Spring 2018)

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This thesis is a study on messianic politics in modern liberal democracy. The first half of the

work contemplates messianic politics and elucidates how it affects modern liberal

democracy through “the state of exception (Ausnahmezustand).” The messianism is not

merely an apolitical ideology but strong force that moves the wheels of history through the

sovereignty generated by state of exception. The second half of the work discusses merit and

demerit of messianic politics in liberal democracy. While messianism in liberal democracy act

as an imaginative power of political and legal system, it has a danger of causing backslide of

democracy. In the last two chapters, the author argues that political messianism in

democracy should be dealt with cautiously in a manner not to destroy the public sphere.



Table of Contents

1.  Introduction


2. Messianic Politics


3. The Messianic State of Exception


4. Risk of Messianic Politics


5. Preserving Hope for the Messiah


6.  Christians, Messianic Experts

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