Gated Proton Transfer Reactions at Low Temperatures in D2O
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McClain, Michael Joseph (2011)

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Proton transfer reactions were studied using 2-nitrobenzaldehyde (NBA), a photoacid, as a
proton donor and ammonium acetate as a proton acceptor in D2O. The reactions were performed
at temperatures ranging from 20K to 200K and rapid scan FTIR was used to observe the
reaction progression. At temperatures below 150K, a ketene intermediate in the photochemistry
reaction of NBA was observed. Between 170K and 200K we were able to observe a proton
transfer occur at a time scale over half an hour. Rates were obtained for the protonation of
ammonium acetate at these temperatures and were used to approximate the activation energy: 66

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 1 - 6
2. Materials and Methods 6 - 8
3. Results and Discussion 8 - 19
4. Conclusion 19 - 20
5. References 20 - 21

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