Finding, Preparing and Writing Grants: A Manual for Securing Funding for HCDP-Ghana Open Access

Wise, Mary (2015)

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Background: The small local Ghanaian NGO HCDP-Ghana works to improve the lives of its fellow Ghanaians through community partnerships to identify problems and solutions to their most pressing public health and development concerns. HCDP-Ghana is having trouble securing and maintaining a funding base.

Objective: This SSP seeks to provide a grant writing manual tailored to the needs of HCDP-Ghana to explain the process of grant writing in order to expand and diversify their funding sources. It also seeks to provide a resource of potential funders through a Grants Database.

Methods: The general outline for the manual was created through discussions with the founder and executive director of HCDP-Ghana, to ensure that desired topical areas and examples were included. The remaining information was created through review of current manuals, relevant coursework at Rollins School of Public Health and experiences of the investigator while working in the Competitive Bids Unit at CARE International for the past 2 years.

Results: The grant writing manual, as well as the Grants Database produced for the SSP, provide information about identifying appropriate potential funding sources, steps to take while preparing for grant writing, and tips for writing a successful grant application. The Grants Database provides appropriate potential funding opportunities for HCDP-Ghana.

Conclusions: With these resources, HCDP-Ghana will be able to produce stronger grant applications to more appropriate funders. Hopefully, this will lead to a more sustainable future for HCDP-Ghana.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction and Rationale. 1

Chapter 2: Literature Review. 5

Chapter 3: Methods & Project Content. 13

Methods. 13

Manual. 1

Background Info on Grant Writing. 4

Pre-Grant writing activities. 16

The Grant Application. 18

Appendix 1- Tables. 33

Table 1. 33

Table 2. 9

Table 3. 35

Table 4. 36

Table 5. 36

Table 6. 36

Table 7. 37

Table 8. 26

Table 9. 39

Table 10. 40

Table 11. 41

Appendix 2 - Figures. 44

Figure 1. 45

Figure 2. 24

Figure 3. 24

Figure 4. 46

Figure 5. 47

Appendix 3 - Documents. 48

Document 1. 48

Chapter 4: Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations. 15

References. 17

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