Children's Positive Affect in Relation to Positive Parenting: Role of Informant and Gender Open Access

Lindeen, Lauren Elizabeth (2016)

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This study evaluated the association between positive affect (PA) and positive parenting in middle childhood (ages 8-11) and whether this association varied by child gender or informant. Participants were 55 mother-child pairs who engaged in a ten-minute play session. Recordings of the session were coded for children's observed affect, ranging from a high positive to a high negative valence. PA was calculated by determining the percentage of time in which the child was observed to be expressing positive affect. Children completed the Parent Perception Inventory (PPI-C), a self-report measure of parents' positive parenting, while mothers completed the parent version (PPI-P) of the same measure. Correlational analyses revealed no significant association between child PA and positive parenting for either child or parent report: r(55) = .10, p = .48. and r(54) = -.09, p = .54, respectively. There was no significant association between positive parenting and child PA for either measure. There was also no significant association when examining data exclusively for boys or girls, suggesting no difference in association by gender. Together, these findings suggest the absence of an association between positive parenting and child positive affect regardless of child gender or the source of information on positive parenting.

Table of Contents

1. Abstract. 1

2. Introduction. 3

3. Method. 11

i. Participants. 11

ii. Procedure. 13

iii. Measures. 13

4. Results. 16

i. Preliminary/Descriptive Statistics. 16

ii. Hypothesis Testing. 17

iii. Exploratory Analyses. 17

5. Discussion. 18

i. Limitations. 20

ii. Future Directions. 21

6. References. 22

7. Table 1. 27

8. Table 2. 28

9. Table 3. 29

10. Table 4. 30

11. Table 5. 31

12. Appendix. 32

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