Replanted: New Life In Old Soil For Dying Homogenous Churches Open Access

Gravely, William K. (Spring 2019)

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The Stained Glass Project presents cross-cultural ministry appointments of church-planters in declining homogenous congregations as a means of birthing healthy multicultural churches. This study explores the viability of cross-cultural church “replanting” as a means of church revitalization and community engagement. Many Mainline, as well as Non-Denominational churches are suffering decline and closing due to cultural tensions and corresponding ministry challenges. Many of the 900+ Southern Baptist Churches that close annually have declined because the historically homogenous congregations refused to shift their ministry strategy for their newly diverse community. We will scale The Stained Glass Project model through the largest denomination in North America via the North American Mission Board and SEND Church Planting Network for national impact and influence. The Stained Glass Project not only serves as a model for revitalizing dying ethnically homogenous churches, but also serves as a model for training and resourcing church-planters called to plant multi-ethnic/ multicultural churches.

Table of Contents

I. What's In A Name

II. Introduction | The Secret Life of Plants

III. Secrets In The Soil | Digging Into The Diagnosis of Potted Plants

IV. The Root Cause | The Sickness Is Hidden In Plain Sight

V. Potted and Unplanted | A Church Disconnected From Her Community

VI. The Sickly Sapling | The Small SBC Church With The Will To Be Reborn

VII. Pruning The Branches & Preserving The Roots | Failed Solutions For Failing Churches

VIII. Replanting | Preserving The Life of Dying Plants

IX. Theological Thorns | Healthy Scriptural Interpretation For Multicultural Contexts

X. Gauges of Growth | How To Measure Multicultural Ministry Health

XI. Preserving the Roots | Why Solely Planting More Churches Is Not Enough

XII. Save the Soil | Retaining The Existing Congregation As a Core Group

XIII. The Roots Die Before the Pot Breaks | Reconciliation as Replanting

XIV. Environmentally Conscious VS Eco-Systemically Aware | Rebirthing The Community Church

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