Men's Values of the Reproductive Rights of their Partners, Antenatal Care Attendance, and Associations with Reproductive Health Restricted; Files & ToC

Schindler, Peter J. (2017)

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Introduction: Increased paternal engagement in antenatal care (ANC) and birth positively influence pregnancy outcomes. There is very little research that describes the men's value of the reproductive health of their partner and its impact on paternal engagement in preconception, antenatal, and postpartum care. The purpose of this study was to examine the potential associations with paternal ANC attendance, paternal values of women's empowerment, and reproductive health related variables.

Methods: Secondary analysis of a men's survey conducted by the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) (n=26892) was undertaken in nine sub-Saharan countries. Data were pooled into an aggregate dataset and examined through various regression methods.

Results: (Pooled data) Paternal values of women's empowerment (PVWE) was positively associated with Maternal ANC attendance. PVWE was also positively associated with Paternal ANC attendance. Contraceptive use, knowledge of ovulatory cycle, knowledge of HIV/STI: risk reduction strategies, and risky sexual behavior were positively associated with PVWE. Contraceptive use, knowledge of HIV/STI: risk reduction strategies, and risky sexual behavior were positively associated with Paternal ANC attendance. Knowledge of ovulatory cycle was negatively associated with Paternal ANC attendance.

Conclusions: Men's values of the reproductive rights of their partner may contribute to ANC attendance, or ANC may shape men's values of women. Further research can build upon this study to provide more insight as to how masculinity shapes men's values of the respective rights of women. Partners are a key piece of an immensely complex equation that influences maternal-newborn health.

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