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Shapiro, Jon (2009)

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Gloves & Grease
By Jon Shapiro
My project draws on two musical experiences I have had in order to outline
emerging musical forms and conventions. The first is the process of teaching children
pop songs at a summer camp, and the second is the process of creating a sound design for
a student theatre production. In the former environment, beginning musicians are exposed
to the basic elements of music. They learn how to hear and perform melodic, rhythmic,
and harmonic components of a song with a group of musicians. The latter environment
allows the musician to experiment with these rules, and through digital manipulation,
create new forms with different expressive possibilities.
The biggest difference between the two environments is the function of musical
codes. At the camp the children's goal is to reproduce their favorite recordings, so the
codes must be repeated as faithfully as possibly. While the codes have produced the
children's favorite songs, they have also allowed them to be regulated like non-artistic
commodities in a capitalist economy. But in the process of sound design, these codes can
be transgressed. By examining the politics that shape these codes, we can see that their
transgression is liberating for the musician and the work.
These three components, the basic elements of music, digital manipulation, and
the theoretical bridge between the two of them, are crucial for today's musicians.

Gloves & Grease
Jon Shapiro
Allen Tullos
A thesis submitted to the Faculty of Emory College of Arts and Sciences
of Emory University in partial fulfillment
of the requirements of the degree of
Bachelor of Arts with Honors
Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in Culture & Society

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Summer Music Programs ___________________ p. 1
Chapter 2: Death and the Maiden ______________________ p. 22
Appendix: CD Listing ______________________________ p. 41

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