Democracy and Political Order in Mexico 公开

Yadav, Pooja K. (2012)

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Abstract: Democracy and Political Order in Mexico

This thesis examines how democratic transition affects the state's ability to provide
political order. By analyzing the effect of electoral turnover between political parties on
homicide rates in Mexican municipalities between 2001-2010, this study aims to explain
the variation in political order at the local level in a society that continues to struggle with
law and order. Using a regression model with random intercepts for municipalities and
years, this study found that municipalities without any change in party control had higher
levels of homicide than those that did experience turnover, supporting the theory on
accountability. Furthermore, this study finds a strongly significant relationship between
various socioeconomic factors and political order in Mexican municipalities. The positive
relationship between unemployment and violence suggests that in order to provide
security to its citizens, Mexico needs to not only focus its efforts on improving the state
and legal institutions, but also invest in its social capital as well.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
I. Introduction and Literature Review------------------------------1
II. Theory on Accountability---------------------------------------11
III. Theory on Reform----------------------------------------------12
IV. Hypotheses and Research Design------------------------------15
V. Results------------------------------------------------------------32
VI. Discussion-------------------------------------------------------35
VII. Conclusion------------------------------------------------------44
VIII. References-----------------------------------------------------46
IX. Table 2-----------------------------------------------------------49
X. Appendix----------------------------------------------------------50

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