Urinary metabolite profiles associated with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: a pilot study Open Access

Fuchs, Kelsey (Spring 2020)

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Purpose: To perform a pilot test to discover urinary metabolites associated with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), an environmentally triggered and potentially debilitating condition.

Methods: Urine samples were collected from female participants (n=8) with or without MCS consecutively for 5 days and analyzed using ultra high-resolution liquid chromatography mass spectrometry. Data were analyzed with biostatistics, bioinformatics, and metabolic pathway enrichment. Levels of urinary metabolites were creatinine normalized. Enriched metabolites were identified based on MSI criteria.

Results: A total of 1284 metabolic features in urine samples differed between MCS cases and controls (P<0.05). Metabolites were enriched in immune response pathways such as histidine metabolism. There were 16 confirmed metabolite identities associated with perturbations in histidine metabolism, 9 of which differed between groups (e.g. higher urinary histamine in MCS cases; P< 0.05). Results indicated a potential role of altered metabolism in MCS cases.

Conclusion: This pilot study detected higher levels of inflammatory metabolites in individuals with MCS. This proof-of-concept study also establishes the feasibility of global metabolic profiling of MCS urine as a non-invasive and affordable approach to aid in mechanistic research of MCS and inform precision medicine.

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