A Study of the Academic All-American Award: Colleges' Influences on Student-Athletes' Combined Academic and Athletic Success Open Access

Feinberg, Jennifer J. (2011)

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Abstract. The College Sports Directors of America created the Academic All-American award
to recognize outstanding student-athletes who go above and beyond both in the classroom and on
the playing field. The objective of the thesis is to study the number of Academic All-American
awards each college in the U.S. has received in the past five years, and attempt to learn how
colleges can influence their student-athletes' combined athletic and academic success. Major
findings include a possible bias among Academic All-American voting members towards
schools participating in the NCAA over the NAIA, the continued pressures of Title IX, and some
very feasible improvements schools can make right away to improve the success of their student-

Table of Contents

I. Introduction (1)

II. Data (3)

III. Empirical Methods (6)
IV. Total Number of Academic All-American Results (8)
V. Further Research and Possible Explanations for Total Number of Academic All-American Results (9)
VI. Specific Sport Results (14)
A. Track and Cross-Country Results (14)
B. Soccer Results (15)
C. Football Results (16)
D. Softball Results (17)
E. Baseball Results (18)
F. Basketball Results (19)
G. Swimming Results (20)
H. Tennis Results (21)
I. Women's Volleyball Results (22)
J. Golf Results (23)
K. Lacrosse Results (24)
L. Gymnastics Results (25)
M. Ice Hockey Results (26)
N. Men's Wrestling Results (27)
O. Women's Field Hockey Results (28)
VII. Discussion of Trends in Sports Results (29)
VIII. Conclusion (32)
IX. References (33)
X. Regression Results Tables (35)

1) Table 1 (4)
2) Table 2 (5)
3) Table 3 (7)
4) Figure 1 (7)
5) Table 4 (35)
6) Table 5 (36)
7) Table 6 (37)
8) Table 7 (39)
9) Table 8 (40)
10) Table 9 (41)

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