Ombudsman Responsiveness and Political Trust Open Access

Morgenstern, Lillian Sara (2012)

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Ombudsman Responsiveness and Political Trust
Does the presence of a monitoring, representative institution increase a country's
level of political trust? The Ombudsman is intended to serve as a type of intermediary
between governmental institutions and a country's citizenry and also keep watch for issues
of maladministration. I hypothesize that variations in responsiveness of the Ombudsman
institution will lead to more or less generalized political trust. This project aims to explain
responsiveness in the Ombudsman institution across countries and how it affects a
country's level of political trust.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
I. Introduction and Background, (pg 1-2)
II. Theory, (pg 3-13)
III. The Ombudsman Institution, (pg 13-15)
IV. Dependent Variable, (pg 15-16)
V. Independent Variable, (pg 16)
VI. Hypothesis, (pg 16-17)
VII. Conceptualization/Operationalization, (pg 17-22)
VIII. Research Design, (pg 22-25)
IX. Data Analysis and Results, (pg 25-31)
X. Conclusion, (pg 31-34)

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