Mastering Calling Comprehension: Answer God's Call with Clarity and Confidence Open Access

Burnett, Christopher (Spring 2018)

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Analogous to the process leading to marriage, calling comprehension is the act of moving from engagement to consummation. It is the movement from saying yes to the proposal to living out the vow to be or do what God proposes. Honoring one’s vow to God requires clarity about the calling of God. God’s calling can be categorized in two ways: general and particular. General calling refers to God’s salvific desire for all people. Whereas particular calling is a task or purpose that God ordains an individual to complete. Calling comprehension is the ability to understand one’s particular calling and move according to its accompanying instructions. The concept of calling comprehension is complicated when a person cannot articulate their particular call. This difficulty is a result of an inability to communicate what one heard from God which leads to objections, doubts, and fears about answering the call. The call narrative of Mary giving birth to Jesus, in Luke 1, provides the Biblical precedent for how one should answer God’s call and an illustration of how to work through the frustrating uncertainties that often accompany God’s summons. Following Mary’s example, calling comprehension requires a courageous yes, radical obedience, and an audacious zeal to act on the word of God. Ultimately, mastering calling comprehension necessitates that one hears the word of God, believe it, and do it!

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