In Our Own Hands: Black Private Education in Chicago, 1940-1986 Open Access

Hayes, Worth Kamili (2010)

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In Our Own Hands: Black Private Education in Chicago, 1940-1986
By Worth K. Hayes
This dissertation looks at the development of black private education in Chicago from
1940 to 1986. By black private education, this study refers to schools that not only served a
majority black student population but were also created, operated, and staffed by blacks. The
dissertation focuses even more specifically on black private schools that taught kindergarten to
8th grade. This topic area remains neglected despite the steady growth of African-American
enrollment in private schools throughout the 20th century. A history of black private schools
illuminates the appeal of educational alternatives to African-Americans. This work also provides
scholars with a unique window to African-American educational interests not seen in most
studies of public education. This dissertation identifies the distinctive educational philosophies,
curriculum, and pedagogy blacks developed in their own institutions within the context of the
history of African Americans nationally and regionally.

In Our Own Hands: Black Private Education in Chicago, 1940-1986
Worth Kamili Hayes
B.A., Xavier University of Louisiana, 2004
M.A., Emory University, 2008
Advisor: Leroy Davis, Jr., Ph.D.
A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of the
James T. Laney School of Graduate Studies of Emory University
in partial fulfil ment of the requirements for the degree of
Doctor of Philosophy
in History

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