Salamis and Deir el-Balah: A Crossroads of Ancient Cultures and Modern Archaeology and Law 公开

Stewart, Susan Brooke (2010)

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An examination of how scholars and archaeologists approach cultural property in the Mediterranean region and how their interpretation and treatment of cultural property effects the legal engagement of cultural property law. It is viewed through two case studies (Salamis and Deir- el-Balah) which show how the archaeological and scholarly treatment of two ancient sites has reflected to the political atmosphere of the state and the legal efforts to protect its cultural property. This engagement shows recognition of possible archaeological biases as well as a more nuanced understanding of the communicative function that cultural property possesses in antiquity and today. It will help to develop more effective legal frameworks that can be applied to national and international disputes over cultural property.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Introduction /1

I. The Royal Tombs of Salamis /7

II. The Cemetery at Deir el-Balah / 52

III. A Legal Perspective on Cultural Property Disputes in Cyprus and Israel / 90

Conclusion / 141

Appendix I / 143

Appendix II / 145

Bibliography / 154

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