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  1. God of Confusion?: An Examination of the Egyptian God Seth in New Kingdom Expressions of Royal Ideology
    Shanley, Andrea
  2. The practices and meaning of reuse in Egyptian royal contexts
    Kreiter, Rachel Pauline
  3. Telomere position effect influences in human terminal deletions
    Gerfen, Jennifer Bosse
  4. Chemistry to Community: Development and Implementation of a GC-MS/MS Method for Exposure Assessment and Evaluation of Community-Engaged Research in the Michigan PBB Research Registry
    Marder, M. Elizabeth
  5. Networked Solitude: American Literature in the Age of Modern Communications, 1831-1898
    Furui, Yoshiaki
  6. Loose Translations: Postcolonial Literature and Shakespeare
    Kumar, Rebecca
  7. Sanitation Insecurity: Definition, Measurement, and Associations with Women's Mental Health in Rural Orissa, India
    Caruso, Bethany
  8. A Portrait of Black Millennials' Understanding of Racial Dynamics in the 21st Century
    Lee, Celeste Nichole
  9. Prevention of Infant Pertussis Through Maternal Vaccination Strategies
    Kriss, Jennifer Lara
  10. Development of Fluorescence-based Molecular Tension Probes to Investigate Cellular Mechanical Forces
    Jurchenko, Carol

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