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  1. Reading Now: Historical Danger in Spanish Caribbean Literary Modernism
    Mendoza-De Jesús, Ronald
  2. The association between urinary phytoestrogen levels and prostate-specific antigen levels in men aged 40 and over in the US population
    Aka, Philip
  3. Embodied Fictions: Narratives of the Face
    O'Grady, Aneyn Mara
  4. HIV Prevention in Transnational Communities: Developing a Model of Trust and Social Influence among Immigrant Latinos in North Carolina
    Vissman, Aaron Timothy
  5. Associations betweeen Circulating Endothelial Progenitor Cells and Renal Function
    Yu, Chenchen
  6. The Role of Perinatal Depression in the Development of Co-occurring Aggression and Anxiety/Depression Problems
    Dong, Lu
  7. Resurfacing: The Poetics of Water in African and Caribbean Literature
    Averett, Bronwyn
  8. Secondary Eating and Obesity in the United States
    Monson, Sarah
  9. Social Cognitive Performance and the Psychosis-Spectrum Prodrome
    Goulding, Sandra Moore
  10. An anthropological investigation of mental health in Haiti: Language, measurement, and the socio-spiritual world
    Kaiser, Bronwyn (Bonnie) Nicole

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