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  1. On Chorded Cycles
    Cream, Megan
  2. An epsilon improvement to the asymptotic density of k-critical graphs
    Larsen, Victor Olaf
  3. Becoming Bill: An Epistemological Look at the Career and Films of Don Hertzfeldt
    Dempsey, Thomas
  4. Reconsideration of Excess in Cinema: Arrested Narrative, Opened Diegetic Spaces, and Hidden Details
    Gutierrez, Jason Charles
  5. It Takes Two: What the Duplass Brothers Mean for the Independent Film Industry
    Young, Andrew Brady
  6. Formation of Polymer Glasses: Impact of Mechanical Deformation and Cooling Conditions on Physical Aging
    Gray, Laura
  7. Countering Narcotics: Explaining the Variation in U.S. Counternarcotic Foreign Aid
    Sibilia, Brandon
  8. Modes of Job Entry and Career Outcomes: How Entering a Job via Hire or Promotion Affects Gender Earnings Disparities
    Kronberg, Anne-Kathrin
  9. A Polypharmacy Model and the Association of Polypharmacy with All-Cause Mortality and Incident Cognitive Impairment in the REGARDS Cohort
    Cashion, Winn Trevett
  10. Language Learning and the Gendered Self: Learner Identities and French Language Study in a US Context
    Knisely, Kris Aric

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