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  1. Rebels, Martyrs, Heroes: Authoritarianism and Youth Culture in Argentina, 1966-1983
    Schaefer, Jennifer Lee
  2. Lost at Locarno? Colonial Germans and the Redefinition of "Imperial" Germany, 1919-1933
    Wempe, Sean Andrew
  3. Applications of Harmonic Maass Forms
    Griffin, Michael John
  4. On Chorded Cycles
    Cream, Megan
  5. An epsilon improvement to the asymptotic density of k-critical graphs
    Larsen, Victor Olaf
  6. Interaction and Imitation: Chimú Art after the Conquest by the Inka Empire, 1460-1534
    Siegler, Jennifer Evelyn
  7. Jean Paul Sartre's Theory of Collective Action: Reconsidering Hegel and Marx
    Moeller, Adam Blake
  8. Aesthetic Experience and Art Appreciation: A Pragmatic Account
    Robins, Alexander David
  9. Invasive Front Analysis of Brain Tumors
    Zhang, Haoyu
  10. The Horror of "Us": Nihilistic Conceptions of Humanity in 'The Cabin in the Woods'
    Richardson, Jared

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