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Leventon, Jacqueline (2014)
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Bauer, Patricia
Committee Members: Bachevalier, Jocelyne ; Fivush, Robyn ; Goodman, Sherryl H ; Hamann, Stephan
Research Fields: Psychology, Developmental
Keywords: Emotional memory; Children; Electrophysiology
Program: Laney Graduate School, Psychology
Permanent url: http://pid.emory.edu/ark:/25593/fjtcj
Inman, Cory S. (2010)
Master's Thesis
Committee Chair / Thesis Adviser: Hamann, Stephan
Committee Members: Bauer, Patricia ; Hampton, Robert
Research Fields: Psychology, Cognitive; Psychology, Experimental
Keywords: Eye movements; Pupillometry; Episodic Memory; Emotional Memory; Recollective Experience; Recognition
Program: Laney Graduate School, Psychology
Permanent url: http://pid.emory.edu/ark:/25593/8j875