Characteristics and carceral experience for persons with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities in a southeastern US state prison system Open Access

Mahar, Ernestine (Fall 2021)

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Intellectual, neurodevelopmental, and developmental disabilities (ID/ND) in prison populations are highly prevalent compared with the community. We conducted a cross-sectional study of all persons who resided in a southeastern US state prison system on January 1, 2017. Our goal was to describe the ID/ND population and delineate their experiential differences from their neurotypical (NT) peers. Our hypothesis was that those with ID/ND do not have the same experience before and while imprisoned compared to their neurotypical peers. They had higher levels of mental health services classified as inpatient/severe during their entire health history (OR 3.99 p<0.0001) and for their most recent mental health record (OR 4.53 p<0.0001). They had twice the prevalence of HIV compared to their NT peers (2.5% vs. 1.2%), were more likely to live under higher security settings (high = 24.8% vs 26.0%; medium = 68.1% vs 65.0%; minimum = 6.9% vs 8.8%), have had prior incarcerations on their criminal record (no previous incarcerations = 45.3% vs 59.0), and spend more time in the prison system (10 versus 8 years). Since ID/ND persons in our study utilized mental health services at high levels, carceral programming for persons with ID/ND should account for their high behavioral health needs.

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