What My Mother Told Me Open Access

Millard, Anna Denise (2014)

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Pregnant and alone in the aftermath of an affair with her pastor, emotionally repressed Hester Bennet must visit the college of her estranged daughter, Baby Bennet, in hopes of finding understanding and support. A series of flashbacks relates Hester's tumultuous backstory, illustrating her process of becoming cold and repressed. During these flashbacks, Hester is able to retrospectively imagine conversations she wishes she had had with Baby, furthering the theme of how taboos and silence help form the conception of womanhood passed down from mother to daughter. Framed by interactions between Hester's interpretations of the biblical figures Mary of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene, the play explores the Madonna-whore dichotomy and female sexuality in the Protestant community of the American South.

Table of Contents

I. What My Mother Told Me: a play in two acts 1

II. The Writer's Process Visited 81

III. Research and Project Inspiration 97

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