La Bruja Enamorada: Love Magic as a Form of Resistance in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Colonial Mexico Open Access

Velasco, Jalista (Spring 2022)

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This paper will focus on the complex and intersectional issues that characterize love magic in Colonial Mexico. The topics of gender, body, and race are key factors which will be examined through such lenses by means of early documents and case studies. In delving into love magic, the power of domesticity and intimacy in shaping the lives of Indigenous Women will become apparent. It will also reveal fascinating dynamics concerning the role of women in connection to colonial domination and a violent patriarchal society.

Table of Contents


What is Love Magic?.....6

A Brief Scholarship on Love Magic......9

Chapter One: Love Magic and Superstition: From Europe to the New World.......12

Chapter Two: Love Magic and the Female Body......18

Chapter Three: Indigenous Women and Love Magic.....23

Chapter Four: Gender and Love Magic.....28

Chapter Five: Repression, Resistance, and the Body.....31


Works Cited.....39

Primary Sources.....39

Secondary Sources.....39

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